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Richard’s keynotes create a dynamic for how to embrace the Challenges through technology systematically.  Richard brings an understanding of the greater good of the technology and the fourth and fifth industrial revolution through innovation, education, and most importantly, collaboration.  Richard’s goal is to inspire organizations, especially CISO’s, to be agile in their plans in their efforts of growing their markets and address the growing concerns of data privacy. 

What if Socrates was your CISO?

Tailored Presentation Development

  • 1-to-1 case examples

  • Real-Life Stories that leave the audience saying “that was me in that story.”

  • Workshop available after the keynote

Richard’s “stories” are a result of his decades of experience in the trenches, both with public companies, not-for-profits, and private companies.

His tenure as a CEO/President, and as a  CSO (Chief Strategy Officer), CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), and line manager and, yes, a janitor in his early days in college and graduate school gives Richard a unique perspective.

Richard’s teaching experiences both on the secondary level and college along with numerous small group discussions with peers over thirty years working in the world of technology bring a lively flair to his keynotes and workshops.

Experience in technology and business, coupled with his education in Humanities gives Richard a unique perspective of looking at the world.

Richard’s keynotes are always:

  • Knowledgeable & Enlightening to see in action

  • Entertaining yet very informative: A real storyteller

  • Provides audiences with excellent real-life examples

  • Promotes Strategic Thinking during the techno-social evolution

  • Provides insights into the advancement of Key Enabling Technology (KET) to accelerate the process and impact.

  • Practical insights into risk management for organizations

“The overall program met all of my expectations and then some. It provided us with excellent real-life examples to learn from and how to implement the change in the weeks to come.”

                                       – David L. Cunningham, Jr.  FedEx President: Asia Pacific Division

 “Mr. Putz’s lecture was very enlightening….see the trend of innovation to collaborative education.” 

 – Hiroshi Nimura.  Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Mitsubishi International Corporation

“Drove me to new Mindsets.”  Chairman The Salzer Group

“Great workshop and presentation. When our staff first experienced this seminar in Orlando, they said others in the Siemens Organization needed to see it and learn from it. So, we put on three more workshops for Siemens globally.  We felt the message and seminar should be experienced not only by Siemens but also with our customers, so he was also was our keynote speaker for Siemens’ Customer Appreciation Day

 – Michael Philpott CEO: Siemens Canada Limited

“Richard’s energy and good common sense are super. The program was concise, excellent, highly organized. I appreciate his tremendous content!”

 – Michael Bourne Managing Director: Reabourne Limited (London)

“New ideas that definitely inspired me and our team.  Practical and workable solutions. This guy is great!  

 – Eric Meire Managing Dir., Strategic Planning: Chicago Board of Trade

“Most excellent workshop for our people.  Richard was our keynote and kick-off leader for a major new business initiative that involved all aspects of the company, globally.  It was the inspiration and leadership we needed to move forward.  We used him over and over again for coaching and consulting.”

  – Nancy D. Reyda VP, Brand Development: Chevron