The Cognitive CISO

“I would trade all of my technology for an afternoon with Socrates.” 

                                                                                                       ~ Steve Jobs, 2001

Are you a CIO or CISO transforming your “cybersecurity” programs to meet the demands of the Autonomous Revolution?   Are you asking the right questions? Are your efforts in meeting the new privacy, regulatory, and compliance mandates taking advantage of the latest technologies?

Are you focusing on your customer’s experience through the adaptation of disruptive technologies and addressing privacy concerns?

Are you innovating new security models by driving differentiated value through technology?

Are you educating your people to be able to collaborate with customers, machines, and disruptive technologies to provide higher levels of security?

Do you have a viable framework to re-architect your infrastructure to meet the demands of the new technologies of the fourth and fifth industrial evolutions in addition to privacy and regulatory requirements?

If your answers are a tad foggy, we can help you lead, adapt, innovate, educate, and collaborate your way through the fourth and fifth industrial evolutions you are now experiencing. Moreover, as a catalyst, we can help you position yourself to be able to expand your markets, retain your customers, and improve your efficiencies and stay compliant.  It is all about asking the right questions, knowing what will make a difference, and the difference it makes….. If you are a CIO or CISO, looking for guidance, inspiration, or coaching on your new journey as a “Cognitive CIO & CISO”  Let’s chat.