Where are the CISO Hassles?

Let’s face it: All too often, our quest for security and creating an environment that meets all the regulatory obligations is a succession of hassles. There’s an endless stream of frustrations, inconveniences, complications, disappointments, and potential disasters lurking in most of our daily experiences in securing the enterprise and governing the cyber world. We all […]

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The Dangling Conversation

Simon & Garfunkel sang a song entitled “The Dangling Conversation.” I am going to improvise a verse: “Yes, we speak of things that matter With words that must be said “Can analysis be worthwhile?” “Is Cobol really dead?” Well, not dead, dead, but I would say “Cobol” is definitely in “God’s Waiting Room.” A large […]

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Cognitive CISO: Blindsight​?

When the Cognitive CISO think about the future of cybersecurity, they should be thinking about the emerging trends in technology and threat landscapes, and where they intersect with science, and philosophy, and physics. I have a saying in the world of cyber: “As a CISO, We see the storm coming before the clouds arrive.” Big Data […]

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Cognitive CISO and Legacy

For starters, many may think “cognitive systems” and “legacy systems” is an oxymoron. Cognitive Systems should be the mantra of every CISO. Cognitive systems involve self-learning attributes within the application that uses data mining, pattern recognition, and natural language processing to mimic the way we as humans think, work and act. Most “legacy systems” especially […]

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