Innovation ~ Education ~ Collaboration

Keep an open mind, and maybe we will arrive at the same place in time in understanding the role of technology, education, and security as they come together.  It is through innovation, organizational culture, and a community of collaboration that we all come to understand what it means to “fulfill our Mission.”  As a CISO, ask yourself, “Do people today understand the realization that technology is not ‘separated’ from our lives?”  So why do we not embrace technology fully in our marketing, sales, security, and compliance efforts, as one integrated effort?  Ask yourself, “Is technology used to its fullest and towards the greater good?”

How, as a CISO, do you make a decision? 

What part does Artifical Intelligence and Internet of Things play in our marketing, customer services, and security efforts?  How do we understand the role of secure technology in creating a market demand-driven organization, educating our employees and customers together, and providing continuing education for everyone?  Do members of the executive team understand that secure technology assists us in understanding that customers come first?

Security and Privacy are at the heart of technology in expanding our markets, improving our operations, and retaining our customers.  Welcome to the life of the new “Cognitive CISO.”

Technologies of the fourth and fifth industrial revolution are the common platform we should be embracing as we develop our mission and go to market strategies. How do we leverage technologies to meet the challenges today?

At the heart of the “Cognitive CISO” is an understanding of how technology, science, and the humanities come together through innovation, transparency, education, and collaboration.

Being a Cognitive CISO is all about the art of decision making in a world dominated by science and physics.  The missing ingredient is the Humanities.

My Reflection

As a consultant, executive,  and educator for over forty years, I’ve experienced almost every opportunity to work with many of the giants in the industries, and especially in the major technology companies, and to serve as a CEO, CSO, and most importantly a CISO for a significant financial institution. Helping public companies, as a consultant, executive, and coach, I have ‘felt” the pain first hand.

What I’ve seen is an incredible lack of skill in dealing effectively with innovation, education, and collaboration.

In today’s world, it is the CIO and CISO who is driving change in the business units.  In many cases, it has been because of the changing nature of cybersecurity and privacy.

There is a misguided notion, fostered through ‘technology socialization‘ that one can actually get the right answer to significant technical issues with enough effort, on their own without engaging colleagues across the enterprise.  I am here to tell you Not correct!

The concept of “buy-in” and the necessary steps to gain “buy-in” often are lost. It is all about the “human connection” with someone.  People are ten times more likely to do what you want–90%  of the time,  when you engage in the art of collaboration, and education.

Key Points to remember:

  • People Are More Important than data, technology, and processes.
  • Perception is the reality in one’s mind 90% of the time.
  • Emotions versus logic destroy the conversation.
  • Be willing to spend some political capital.
  • At times you might have to “bend the rule” but never ever break the rule.
  • Incrementalism will destroy innovation.
  • Cherish other peoples differences and disagreements.  It is how we learn as humans.
  • Transparency is the window to the soul, the ‘soul’ of who you are as a leader.
  • Establish standards early in the conversation.
  • And fully realize no two situations are ever the same, so don’t fall for that trap.
  • Lastly, remember no company ever shrank to greatness.
  • Be bold! Especially in your thinking because that is where innovation begins