CISO and Change

If you stop and think about change, you come to realize it is neither a good thing or a bad thing. It is what happens in life. We as human beings, experience change from the day we enter this world. Heck, we experienced change all during the nine month gestation period.

So why do humans say they “fear” change, especially change in the world of technology?

When we think about change, we come to realize it is nothing more or less than the difference between what was and what is now! Or is the fear really what will be tomorrow?

Philosophers have been studying change for centuries. Seems to be a fascinating phenomenon for students of human thought. Philosophers are always working on the understanding of the WHY for change. Philosophers seek to understand what the distinctions are between the elements of yesterday and today after the adjustment occurs.

When we look at the nature of humans, we come to realize we are not frightened by change, and there is nothing in our life as human beings to resist change and prevent it from happening.

People seek out excuses for change.

We have all heard the classic phrase “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Well, that is just pure bull, ask anyone with a dog. My senior lab Koby learned new tricks every day of his life when he was on this earth. Actually, as a senior lab, he was able to figure out more ways of getting what he wanted based on the past experiences of his life. Just like us as human beings.

As in the world of technology, cyber, and innovation, we all gain the necessary confidence based on past experiences, and our know-how and thinking processes at creating new ways to make change happen.

Our work a day world is jammed packed with changing plans; bosses spring change on their employees weekly if not daily. Vacations breakout of what was planned, because of weather, accidents, or just experiencing the place we are vacationing is not what the brochure said what we would be experiencing.

As a CISO, you come to realize that whether you know it or not, your life in technology has been a life of change, and guess what? As a CISO, you thrive on that change.

Change, especially in technology increases our chances of improving the situation in life.
Cyber, innovation in technology shake things up in new ways that stimulate creativity and bring about progress in our efforts to achieve the goal.

As the CISO in your company, for the rest of this year try this experiement, focus on making the case with your peers and constituents to shake things up in ways that move everyone closer to the goal. Show how change is a sign and symbol of our resilience and true grit. Build the case that we require a difference in our company, in technology, in cyber, to become fulfilled human beings, to be mentally challenged daily, to be immersed and involved in our work and to embrace collaboration.

Show the world an old dogs can learn new tricks.

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