Snippets from my Twitter feed

The Cognitive CISO must sell the “experience,” not the technology when educating the enterprise. People relate to stories, stories about people. Your enterprise education must be action-packed, content-rich, and a true people-involving experience.

Work is not divorced from our daily lives. As a CISO how well do we educate your enterprise on proper security in their Home life? Helping people understand security at home will pay off in dividends at work.

Aristotle said “The city—is a ‘partnership’ for living well.’
How do we as technology executives make this a reality and be secure and safe at the same time?

It is through Education we drive an increase in data transparency in the enterprise thereby giving support to effective risk assessments and audit support.

The old saying “teach and you learn more.” This most definitely applies to the Cognitive CIO, CMO, CDO & CISO. To bring about the necessary change that is required, TEACHING becomes the most effective vehicle.


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