Snippets from my Twitter feed

The Cognitive CISO must sell the “experience,” not the technology when educating the enterprise. People relate to stories, stories about people. Your enterprise education must be action-packed, content-rich, and a true people-involving experience. Work is not divorced from our daily lives. As a CISO how well do we educate your enterprise on proper security in […]

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It’s A Beautiful Thing

Cyber is a beautiful thing. “All great things are risky and, as the saying goes, what is beautiful is difficult.” Plato For the Cognitive CISO, the question arises, “what is the ultimate purpose of the work you do?” Now Think about the word “PURPOSE.” What comes to mind? Something worthwhile? Something grand and noble? Something […]

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Where are the CISO Hassles?

Let’s face it: All too often, our quest for security and creating an environment that meets all the regulatory obligations is a succession of hassles. There’s an endless stream of frustrations, inconveniences, complications, disappointments, and potential disasters lurking in most of our daily experiences in securing the enterprise and governing the cyber world. We all […]

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