Shifting Strategies for the Cognitive CISO

The word “strategy” invokes different meaning for different folks. So, if you prefer to call it a “plan,” a “roadmap” or “your framework for success” feel free.  All of these naming conventions will have you arriving at the correct destination.  Just plan your work and work your plan.

So, let’s begin with looking at the difference between where you are in your thinking and what you need to start thinking about a change.  For example, you might say I am sticking with the tried and true versus embracing “change” so you can continually add value.  The old of “I have a hundred-year business plan, and we are sticking to it versus changing as a means to continually edge into new businesses. And my two most favorites:  I have a traditional market why change? Versus continually entering into new niche markets.  My most favorite is “We are staying the steady course of “experience” versus realizing that you need to eat your “own” lunch continually.

The key today is to continue to add value to your infrastructure and services through a process of on-going improvement as you are evolving through the fourth and fifth industrial evolutions. Think about how to “convert” your old methods to processes utilizing IoT, including robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, quantum computing, and biotechnology as examples.  What do the humanities tell us about people and processes involving AI, IoT, nanotechnology, quantum computing in your world as a CISO?

You start by visualizing in your mind’s eye the contrast between where you are today (the old model) and the strategy/plan for the new one that will carry you successfully through the next two iterations of the industrial evolutions.  Realize for some companies this may be a compound exercise but one that is most needed.

The internet has given birth to the world of robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, quantum computing, biotechnology, The Internet of Things, 3D printing, and autonomous vehicles.  If you were watching commercials during the last Winter Olympics you saw Microsoft expound on the innovation through AI; you saw IBM and Watson keep airliners and elevators in tip-top shape.  Focus your plan on how the technologies innovate, to provide easy access to information, services, and products to your customers and potential customers.

The techniques will require some education on the part of all involved and a new collaborative working environment with DevOps.  Yes, I said DevOps, the lead for DevOps should sit in the lap of the Cognitive CISO or nothing would get down. Think of providing video conferencing options for customer support especially in industries like repair services and financial services where “high touch” often is most desired, it is you the Cognitive CISO that must ensure compliance and security so why not take the innovative lead? Be the “futurist” you always wanted to be in your company. And you are internally using these technologies to enhance your internal operations to be more lean and agile with intranet solutions.

Now noodle on this concept for a moment:  Your old strategy of “I am sticking to the present because I know it works” translates that what you are saying is I prefer to make incremental improvements.  So what you say?  What this means is if your business is a good one and you are sticking to your old strategy with incremental improvements you have opened the door wide open for your competitors to move in and eat your lunch versus you eating your “own” lunch which translates into dwindling margins.  You don’t want to be the next “Polaroid” where everyone says “you were great in your day.”

The technologies of the fourth industrial evolution provide a rapid means to enter new business markets and geographies with reduced cost to your infrastructure. The key is making sure you are compliant and secure, once again this is the new role of the Cognitive CISO, the new partner in corporate innovation, education, and collaboration.

What is your plan for entering into new markets, new niche markets?  Does the program innovate with the latest technologies?  How are you educating your employees and customers of the change and benefits and are you genuinely collaborating with your partners or are you just trying to do it alone and “wander in the desert of change?”

You must establish in your plan your new evolving processes to stay up with and ahead of the changing industrial evolutions.  You should have a well-defined plan for on-going improvements that reflect the change needed to keep growing and surviving.

These new technologies allow you and others to enter into new niche markets quickly.  Just look at Amazon, and you can see what I mean.  Companies that grow and survive like Amazon have something in common:  They are willing to destroy the old way of doing business, the old strategy, and the experience and create new ones.  We call this, a process of on-going improvement or how to eat your lunch.

The fourth industrial evolutions are transforming local optimum to a global optimum.  The technologies provide an abundance of opportunities to expand markets and retain customers.    The fourth and fifth industrial evolutions offer the mechanism for your company to implement change and with change comes new thinking and processes which are the key to make sure you have applied the difference in such a way that it becomes on-going process and not something which will take an “act of Congress” to kick start.

Welcome to the exciting new world of Cognitive CISO.

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